We are specialists in Indian Cuisine!

The Asham was first opened to the populace of Newport in 1997 as a takeaway. The aim of the management was to introduce authentic culinary recipes of the highest quality from our homeland.

Our culinary styles originate from East Bengal (the easternmost province of the old Indian subcontinent) now known as Bangladesh whose heritage precedes Moghul India and whose rich history is as old as ancient India itself. Such was our impact that we have now in 2002 expanded into a restaurant, still offering you our gastronomic creations and hope to serve you yet for many years to come.

Whilst India has eaten spicy food from time immemorial. It was not until the Moghul invasions that the Indian curry flowered into its finest forms. The invaders brought with them a number of new culinary ideas which blended happily with the old tribal styles of cooking. Chief amongst these were:* The eating of meat as a regular habit.* The introduction of vast varieties of spices.* The traditional dishes of Persia, Afghanistan & Central Asia.The new style of cooking attained its perfection in the Punjab, North and East India generally, and those regions of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are today renowned for their irresistible and exotic concoctions, blending the subtle flavours of limitless spices so that each constituent plays its appointed part in producing the overall effect.

Here at The Asham the Menu is distilled for you. The best of this centuries-old tradition of North and East Indian cooking, the experience and flair of our chefs is such as to make it a veritable art-form, major to minor – depending on whether you are a gourmet or a novice.We are often asked why people living in a hot climate should eat curry at all! ‘Doesn’t it make them feel hotter still?’ A moment’s reflection will, however, provide the answer; the eating of spicy food promotes perspiration which is the first step towards regaining your sense of well-being in a hot climate.

Funnily enough, curry is equally effective in cold and damp climates. Like the wearing of silk; curry is ‘Cool in summer, but warm in winter..

The ingredients we use are the finest available. Wherever possible, fresh spices are used, ground or otherwise prepared in our kitchen just before they are used, thus retaining the maximum flavour. The best grades of Basmati and Patna Rice go into our Pilaos and Biryanis, the meat is always lean and tender, onions, (the best available) and so on, and so on.